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Socialuty aims to be a dinstributed social network: each user can have it's own ”web-pear” (that can host more than one user, anyway), and comunication among pears is made through the socialuty protocol, just in a p2p fashion.

Socialuty will be also the first “web-app” implementation of the pear in php, but ideally anyone could write it's own, even a desktop one, provided she respect the protocol.

This document is about both the protocol spec and the web-app requirements & design, written down while on the job…




There is no protocol spec for login: each pear can implement its own.


To use the app users must be logged in.

This is done through an html form containing username and password field.
https protocol must be preferred.
Password are stored/sent as MD5 hashes.


users table:

usernamevarchar(20) PK
password varchar(20) not null (MD5 hash)
firstname varchar(20) not null
lastname varchar(20) not null
picture varchar(20) (url of the profile picture)



An user can optionally register to the site as to allow people to find her.
Here is the http to the registration page:


POST /register.php HTTP/1.1 host: User-Agent: <useragent> Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length: <length>

firstname=<firstname> &lastname=<lastname> &country=<country> &city=<city> &home=<pear-url>

HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: octet…(bubble)

utillyty:bubble containing:

utillyty:result userid (int) if ok

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