Hi all, this is Attilio Pavone. I'm the founder, creator, developer, mainter, webmaster, sales manager, etc etc etc of the groundbreaking open source software house UTillyty (a pun on my nick: Tilly :D).

Born in Catania - (nearly) Italy - on 07/06/1969, I began working as a developer in 1998, as before I spent most of the time thinking I was a musician.

I started professional programming with Visual Basic and then rode the Web wave which implied asp (VBScript), javascript, html, xml, xsl, css and a few more I thankfully forgot, as I restarted writing proper software when the .NET platform was released. Now I'm mostly involved in developing C++ cross-platform applications, riding my bike and playing jazz guitar.

If you have any request, comment, suggestion or invective, please don't exitate to write me at tilly@utillyty.eu.
Thank you!
attilio pavone 2009/11/19 18:48

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