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It seems there's a minor bug in the blog and/or discussion plugin that makes a php (5.3) notice appear on top of the pages using it (like this!..) so the navigation tree falls down on bottom of the page. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!



published phpPathFinder with utillyty.php 0.1.0 (alpha)

2010/01/10 04:50 · attilio pavone · 1 Comment

dokuwiki patches

Resolved the minor bugs that messed out the blog page. Here is the solution: Dokuwiki notes

2009/12/06 13:23 · attilio pavone · 1 Comment

php 5.3.1 and dokuwiki rc2009-12-02

Today I updated the site to php 5.3.1, and dokuwiki to rc2009-12-02. There's a minor bug that I reported in the note box on top of the home page.

2009/12/05 21:17 · attilio pavone · 1 Comment


Today I Installed DokuWiki in the UTillyty's linux domain and configured it with the Monobook template.
Currently installed plugins:

2009/11/19 17:51 · attilio pavone · 0 Comments

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