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ViaVoip on Windows XP

  • voice chat: hold a remote conversation using your internet connection (a.k.a. VOIP)
  • opus codec: state of the art audio compression for unbeatable bit rates
  • text chat: send text messages of any size
  • file transfer: send files of any size with recovery if interrupted
  • peer to peer: connect directly to each other, no central server, nor account registration
  • portable: no setup, nor system dependencies
  • cross-platform: works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android
  • open-source: anyone can examine the code, report criticisms and submit improvements
Download ViaVoip

ViaVoip is a simple Voice Over IP application that can be used when you need to talk through the internet, but you can't or don't want make use of one of the common VOIP services.

In fact it is designed as peer to peer, in the sense that the two end points connect directly to each other, without any relay in between.

Thanks to the new Opus audio compression codec, it features unbeatable bit rates among Voip application (about 1 Kb/s with narrow band)

In addition to speech, it also support text messages and recoverable file transfer, to exchange files of any sizes with the possibility to restore the process if interrupted.

It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android.
The Desktop version is portable, that is you don't need any setup, just get a copy and run it from any storage device.

It is free and open source.
You can get both the sources and the last binaries at the sourceforge project page

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