- FAQ -
  • How I can reduce the LAG (latency gap)?
    Stop and restart the Audio output (see Audio).

  • Program does not start on linux.
    open a terminal and exec:

    chmod a+x /path/to/ViaVoip

  • I can't ear my Android peer.
    Ensure that the Android peer "voicerecognition" input device is selected (see Audio).

  • After setting screen-lock on, ViaVoip does not start any more.
    This is due to a bug in some Android version.
    Reinstall ViaVoip and never set the screen-lock option on anymore. :(

  • I can't get my public IP neither via web nor via STUN.
    Check your local IP address: you must select a valid LAN IP (, for example, is invalid!!!).
    Try and change the STUN server if using UDP-punching.

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