- Install -

All desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) distros are portable, that means can be run at once (download and extract: no setup) from any storage device, including external HDs or USB sticks.


Download and extract the last viavoip-win version. Launch ViaVoip.exe.


Download and extract the last viavoip-linux version. Launch ViaVoip.

The Linux version relies on ALSA audio as its backend: this is usually installed by default on most linux distros.

If it does not start, launch it from a terminal and see what messages appear.
If the output says that the file is not an executable, type this command:

chmod a+x /path/to/ViaVoip

If some dependencies are missing, you may need to install them; to print the full list of dependenciew type:

ldd /path/to/ViaVoip

(replace /path/to/ViaVoip with the actual path in your filesystem).

Mac OS X

Download and extract the last viavoip-osx version. Launch ViaVoip.


Check the options

Unknown Sources

on your device configuration, under


download the last apk from sourceforge, and tap on it to install.

On some Android Version app crashes before starting, after setting-up the screen-lock option.
In that case please tray to re-install and not check the screen-lock option any more :(.
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